Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Focus

This week I want to focus on my daughter, Abby!
  • Abby is the 8th mini Mack
  • She is the 4th daughter
Here's newborn Abby:
Sweet baby!
  • Abby was our first to be born at home
  • She was 4 days early
  • She weighed 7 lbs 7 oz
Abby was a happy baby!
She loved balloons:
  • Abby has always been VERY active
  • She crawled and walked early
You could often find her doing this:

Jumping, jumping, jumping!!!
  • She loves her younger siblings!
Here she is at just 3 years old with baby Leah:
  • She has always had a very active imagination, pretending she was a dog before she turned 1!
  • Abby used to LOVE the Wiggles,
so much so, that we took her to a Wiggles concert when she was 18 months old!
  • She is home schooled and is in kindergarten
  • She's been reading for a while!
  • Abby loves going to Disneyland
She's been 6 times!
  • Abby loves playing outside whenever possible
  • She has always been a total character,
and loads of fun! :)
  • Abby is growing up WAY too fast!!

Like I said wrote, Abby has always loved balloons! When she was younger, she decided that all her stuffed animals with tails were balloons too! She would bring them out and hand a "balloon" to each family member. It was so cute! What was even cuter though, was the day we found this:
All her "balloons" "floating" in her bed! :)

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