Thursday, September 27, 2012

Look At Who Is


Anna took her first steps less than two weeks ago and now is walking everywhere. I can't believe it! She is adorable with her shaky steps and big grin. The bumps and bruises have been hard, but that's part of the process, right? She's growing up so fast! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Upcycled Sister Skirts

(I know! A sewing post! It's only been for-ev-er!)
 Soooo, a while ago, I bought this skirt figuring it would fit one of my older daughters.

It didn't.

But I still liked the cute fabric and the ruffle around the bottom,
so I decided to cut it apart, just below the zipper.
After serging around the top (to save length), I sewed a casing, threaded some elastic through and then sewed the top closed.
Little girl's skirt done!
It fits Leah great!
That left me with this awkward zippered top piece. I got out my seam ripper and unstitched the top bias edge on both sides of the zipper.
Which left it looking like this.
Next I cut out the zipper, carefully folding the bias edges back. Then I sewed up the back seam where the zipper used to be.
I stitched the bias back over the top edge, leaving a hole to thread some elastic in, and then sewed that closed too. A simple hem around the bottom edge and:
Ta-da! Baby skirt!
Leah and Anna were happy to model,
and Leah's thrilled to have matching skirts!
So cute together!

Friday, September 14, 2012

10 Months

Anna is 10 months old today! 
Where has the time gone? We decided to take a stroll outside to celebrate the day.
 She's becoming quite the character! "Look, Mom! I got this leaf!"
She's weighing in at 18 lb. 11 oz. Tiny for our house!
If they could only stay small...
 "Wagon rides are sooooo fun!"
"Did you see that kitty? Right over there..."
"Oh! Chickens!"
As I called, "Here chick-chick" she tried calling them too! "Ch-sh-sh...." So cute!
She was quickly rewarded as they came running.
And then she quickly got bored.
"What's that??"
What a true delight and blessing this little girl is!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Special Gift

Abby's long-time wish has been to ride a real horse. So, on her birthday, we told her one of her presents was going to be horse riding! She was so excited! After making all the arrangements, we recently packed up our Abby to fulfill her wish.
 She was introduced to the horse she would be riding, Smoke. She brushed him carefully.
 Then she got loaded onto Smoke's back. "Whoa! It's so high up!"
 She got to ride inside the arena,
 and then outside for a bit.
 Then she returned to the arena to learn how to trot. That big smile tells what she thought of that!
At last it was time to say goodbye to Smoke. She fed him a thank you treat and led him out to pasture.
 I'm sure it was a special day that she won't ever forget.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day Of School

Today is Sarah's first day of school. Ever! Her home schooling days are at an end as she starts the 6th grade. I'm so excited (and nervous) for her! I'm hoping she finds some sweet girls to be friends with. *sniff*
 Thankfully, though, she's not heading off to school alone.
 And who wouldn't want to hang with this group?

Silly kids!
I love them...
 So with Megan behind the wheel of the car she bought this summer, they headed off! I hope and pray that they have a great year!
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