Thursday, September 20, 2012

Upcycled Sister Skirts

(I know! A sewing post! It's only been for-ev-er!)
 Soooo, a while ago, I bought this skirt figuring it would fit one of my older daughters.

It didn't.

But I still liked the cute fabric and the ruffle around the bottom,
so I decided to cut it apart, just below the zipper.
After serging around the top (to save length), I sewed a casing, threaded some elastic through and then sewed the top closed.
Little girl's skirt done!
It fits Leah great!
That left me with this awkward zippered top piece. I got out my seam ripper and unstitched the top bias edge on both sides of the zipper.
Which left it looking like this.
Next I cut out the zipper, carefully folding the bias edges back. Then I sewed up the back seam where the zipper used to be.
I stitched the bias back over the top edge, leaving a hole to thread some elastic in, and then sewed that closed too. A simple hem around the bottom edge and:
Ta-da! Baby skirt!
Leah and Anna were happy to model,
and Leah's thrilled to have matching skirts!
So cute together!

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