Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Special Gift

Abby's long-time wish has been to ride a real horse. So, on her birthday, we told her one of her presents was going to be horse riding! She was so excited! After making all the arrangements, we recently packed up our Abby to fulfill her wish.
 She was introduced to the horse she would be riding, Smoke. She brushed him carefully.
 Then she got loaded onto Smoke's back. "Whoa! It's so high up!"
 She got to ride inside the arena,
 and then outside for a bit.
 Then she returned to the arena to learn how to trot. That big smile tells what she thought of that!
At last it was time to say goodbye to Smoke. She fed him a thank you treat and led him out to pasture.
 I'm sure it was a special day that she won't ever forget.

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