Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday

Even though it's raining again today, I'm sure summer will be here soon! I decided to try making a romper for Josiah, and I'm really happy with how it turned out!
It was really easy to make, so I thought I would share the tutorial! Sorry if it's kinda picture heavy! :)

I wanted a raglan style for his romper, although a regular t-shirt style would have been just as cute! A great place to find the raglan style is to trace is a blanket sleeper!
I folded the sleeper in half and folded the sleeve out of the way to trace the neck and where the sleeve attaches.
I added seam allowance and drew the front neckline too.
I used a ruler to draw a straight line down from the shoulder seam.
Using either the blanket sleeper or an exisiting piece of clothing that fits (or measure your kiddo. Yeah, right...... haha!), match up the neckline and folded edge and draw the curve for inside the legs where the snaps are.
Then decide on the length of the legs and draw a straight line across.
Next, trace the sleeve edge where it attaches to the body. I usually mark the edge of the sleeve and fold my sleeve pattern along this line to trace the other side. It's easier than trying to flip the sleeve over, and you want both sides of the sleeve to be identical.
Add seam allowance and draw a straight line across at the length you want the sleeves to be.
Here's what my pattern pieces look like!
I used an old t-shirt for my romper, folding it down the front and back to cut out the pieces. I lined up the bottom edges of the romper and sleeves with the finished edges of the shirts to take advantage of the hems.
Here's the romper and sleeves cut out. (Front with lower neckline)

I cut out a gusset piece, following the lines of the curve of the back romper piece. I don't know how necessary this is for a disposable wearing baby, but my little guy is cloth diapered, so I figured it would help get the romper snapped over his fluffy bum! :)

With right sides together, I sewed the gusset onto the back piece.

I sewed three of the four seams to attach the sleeves, right sides together.

I measured half the neckline and doubled it. Mine was 15".Since I didn't have ribbing the right color, I just cut a strip out of the blue shirt to put around the neck. My blue shirt wasn't very stretchy so I made it longer than I would have cut from a stretchy one. My piece was about 13" by 2 1/2".

After folding the piece in half, wrong sides together, I sewed it to the neckline, stretching to fit.
I sewed up the last sleeve seam to finish the top of the romper!
Now is the easiest time to add an applique. I sewed on an airplane!
I cut some long strips from my old t-shirt, 2" tall. Since this shirt is quite stretchy both ways, I cut them to take advantage of the hemmed edge on one side.
I folded one of the strips in half, wrong sides together, and lined up the hem with the right side of the hemmed inside leg edge of the back of the romper. Then I sewed the strip to the inner leg and around the gusset.
I stopped before I got to the end of the leg, cut off all of the extra strip except for an inch and folded it to the inside, matching the folded edge to the leg edge, before continuing to sew the rest of the strip on. This gave it a finished look at both ends.
This is what it looked like when sewn on.
I used the other strip and sewed it across the front of the romper snap area. I used the hem on one side and then folded the extra in on the other side.
I folded the strip to the inside to the seam and then folded it again so the seam was at the edge.
I topstitched the edge of the strip down with a slight zig-zag to allow some stretch.
Then, I sewed up the side seams,
and added snaps!
Josiah's romper finished!

Now to try to get him to model! :)
He was more interested in his sock! :)
Or the fireplace....
Or his sister's school supplies...
Or throwing his sock! :)

Oh well, it fits great and is obviously comfortable enough in any pose! :) Thanks for looking!


  1. that was amazing! I can't get enough of rompers! And 11 kids!

  2. Thank you! I was wanting to make some of this for my little boy and it arrived just in time.

  3. very cute! i've been wanting to make a romper for my little guy, thanks for sharing

  4. Sooo cute! The gusset is a great idea. I am hosting a Refashionista Event over at my blog I Make Stuff and I'd love it i you would check it out. This week has been refashions for women, and next week will be all about the kiddos! There will be a linky party and a giveaway on Friday, I hope you'll stop by!


  5. I would love for you to link it up to my party that is running now. Any linky goes.


    Come strut your stuff.

  6. Wonderful tutorial. I'm listing it on my blog, hope that's ok!

  7. Very cute but I wouldn't class it as an "easy sewing", this was a lil difficult for me being a beginner sewer

  8. Newest follower here. That is awesome!!!! Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. Cute romper! Special thanks for all the detailed instructions and photos. I know that takes time to put together. Thank you for sharing this tut with us.

  10. I have looked at all the fabric places close to where I live for gripper tape like I have used to go in onesies and have been unsuccessful. Do you know the proper name for it and where I can find it? The little nromper is to cute and instructions so easy to follow. Good job.

    1. Hi!
      Do you mean snap tape that has the snaps already on? Something like this?
      (I have a snap press so I just install them directly to my projects) 
      I hope this helps you! Thank you so much for your kind comment!

  11. This was great! My youngest is special needs and they don't make "baby clothes" for big kids. Now I can make one, without having to search around for pattern. Thanks!

    1. It worked out Great! It took about 40 minutes and it fits really well, and looks super cute! Thanks for sharing!

    2. My toddler still has a g-tube and I have found that rompers are the best thing for him to wear. I love this pattern and can't wait to try it.
      Also looking for sleeper patterns with snaps half way down or all the way down since he has a continuous overnight g-tube feed. Any ideas???

  12. thank you much.very nice.

  13. Very cute! I love all the pictures of it with your model. :-) I used this idea and just made a t-shirt today but think I might try the whole romper in the future.

  14. Awesome! Gotta try it as im new to sewing and a baby on the way!
    Thanks for tutuorial.

  15. On the neck binding. If your fabric is not stretchy cut it on the bias. Then it will stretch.
    This is a cute pattern. I'm planning a denim onsesie . Not sure how that will work. But I have bits of denim left from my skirts and a 6 month old great granddaughter. Sew going to give it a shot. In all my years of sewing I've never made one of these. Your pattern looks so simple. Thank you gng.


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