Monday, May 30, 2011

A Big Boy Project

Happy Memorial Day! We don't have any major plans today except getting some work done around the house. Three mini Macks are off working today, but I had Seth model one of my latest projects before he left!
Skinny pants made from man pants! After I made Josiah's blankie, I spent some time looking around This Mama Makes Stuff. When I found her great tutorial on slim slacks, Seth declared he wanted some! So off to the thrift store I went! I found these there:
Some Banana Republic khaki man pants.
So using Carrie's tutorial and a pair of Seth's skinny jeans, I transformed them to these:
Making these ended up being a little tricky because my son's 12 and not a size 2T-3T! :) And I didn't bother putting elastic in the waist as that's not as cool when you're a big kid who can wear a belt instead. :)
But they fit perfectly,
no matter what my active boy is doing!
From all sides! :)
Most importantly, they look great and he loves them! (although he prefers to wear them with shirt, tie and vest. Yeah, he's one stylish guy!!) :) 

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  1. Love these! Looks like I need to pick your brain for ideas for big boys :-)


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