Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Focus

It's time for the Friday Focus to be on the youngest mini Mack!
Here's Josiah!
  • Josiah is the 11th mini Mack
  • He is the 5th son
Here's Josiah as a newborn:
So cute! :)
  • Josiah was born 11 (ELEVEN! Yikes!) days late
  • He weighed 9 lbs 3 oz
  • He was our second baby to be born blonde
  • Josiah was a VERY difficult baby for the first 7 weeks
  • He started spitting up blood during this time
  • We discovered he had a severe milk allergy
Once we fixed his diet, he was much happier!
  • Josiah finally took a pacifier at almost 4 months old
  • After that, he was a very happy baby
  • Josiah has been to Disneyland once
He did great, but I don't know that he was impressed! :)
  • Josiah is a blankie boy
  • He tolerates all the love from his siblings very well
  • He likes to talk a LOT
He loves hanging out with Leah:
Aren't they cute? :)
  • Josiah has 12 teeth
  • He loves vacuums
  • He also loves noisy toys
  • Josiah took his first steps about 2 weeks ago
  • Now he can walk halfway across a room
  • Josiah has a head full of blonde curls
They look especially cute all soaped up!

Josiah's a very sweet and happy almost one year old. He's so much fun and a huge blessing to our family. We couldn't love him more! :)


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