Monday, June 30, 2014

6 months, a little late

This little mancub turned 6 months back on the 14th. 
We've been pretty busy, (Wait! Isn't it summer??) but I still got pictures taken. 
 Zaney is a ridiculously happy guy! He sleeps great, loves to play and is totally easy-going. About anything!

He's teething! Can you tell? He got his first tooth last week! Yay!
He chews on EVERYTHING!
 He can sit, but prefers to army crawl/roll all over the place.
 This allows him to explore his surroundings, like sun patches on the floor. :)
Which taste just like regular carpet, apparently! ;)
 6 months have flown by with this happy soul! I'm trying to soak in every moment with this amazing baby boy. We couldn't love him more!!

Friday, June 13, 2014


It's summer!

Relaxed mornings.
Outside play.
Adventures to be had.
Wonderful family time.
 I love it!

Some of the kids had some water balloon fun to celebrate:
 I love Annie's squinched up shoulders in anticipation.
 She dressed herself! Can you tell?
 Funny how water balloons take half an hour to fill and 20.5 seconds to be emptied...
 Water balloon clean-up! Not quite as much fun as the playing!
 A great start to summer, I think!
Here's to many more fun-filled days ahead!
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