Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday

I bought some elastic thread quite awhile ago, and even though I wound it onto a bobbin, it still just sat there. Everybody made it look so easy, but I still wasn't brave enough to try it! Finally, after it had taunted me long enough, I found a dress I wanted to try. Before I dug into the dress I had in mind, I decided to practice on something else first.
So, I made:

The Single Daisy Dress

In my stash, I found the top part of a man's yellow t-shirt. I cut the neck out and cut the sleeves off.
Using the same lines, I trimmed the sides down smaller. (sorry it's so wrinkly!)

Folding the raw edges in about a 1/4 inch,
I sewed them down with the elastic thread in the bobbin.
I sewed three rows around each armhole and the neck,
which left me with this!
Next, I serged up the short side seams on both sides.
Then I cut out the skirt piece from some fabric in my stash.
I cut a piece about 13" by the full width of the fabric,
and sewed up the seam, finishing the edge.
After running a gathering stitch around the top edge of the skirt,
I attached it to the top and hemmed the bottom.
The front looked kind-of plain, so I decided to add a flower!
I cut out five small circles with my pinking shears,
folded each one in half, right sides together,
then folded the edges back to the fold,

and threaded each one onto a threaded needle.

After all five were on the thread, I sewed through the first one again. Then, I went through all of them again to make a flower.
I added it to the front of the dress with a large yellow button,
and the dress was finished!
It was so quick and easy to make!

Time to try it on Leah!
It fits her great!
She had to show me how she can "hang" :)
Just because it's cute!

This was so easy to make, I think I will have to make a bunch more for all my little girlies!

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  1. Super cute!! I love this dress! I am so into re-purposing clothes right now!


  2. This is a darling dress you are a great creative seamstress ...

  3. Hello

    I just wanted to let you know that I have featured you on my blog. Please let me know if you wish for me to remove any content.

    Thanks and love your blog



  4. I love this! Great job and super cute model :-)


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