Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Focus

This Friday Focus is on my daughter, Emily!
  • Emily is the second mini Mack
  • She is the first daughter
Here is Em as a newborn:

(Sorry for the old scanned in pictures from a bad camera!) 
She was so sweet, but more often than not, was doing this:
  • Emily was born 2 weeks early
  • She weighed 6 lbs 13 oz
  • She was a VERY cranky little one until she was about 4 months old
Then she was happy!
All the time!
  • Emily was an easy-going toddler
  • She was an independent girl who preferred doing things by herself
  • Emily has always loved clothes and hats
  • She started playing softball when she was young,
and continued through the 9th grade.
  • Emily was a talented tap dancer for many years
  • She was home schooled from the middle of 4th grade until 6th grade
  • Emily is now almost done with the 11th grade
  • She started performing in church dramas,
and continues to perform at her high school. She is currently rehearsing to be Auntie Em and Glinda in The Wizard of Oz that opens TONIGHT! Yay! She has also performed in A Christmas Carol, Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat and Antigone.
  • Emily loves her siblings
Megan, left, and Emily, right.
Emily and Leah
  • Emily is another Mack fan of Disneyland :)
Especially when hanging out with Molly (who thinks Emily is her ride buddy! hehe)
  • Emily loves to craft and sew
  • She takes woodshop at school and makes things like this:
  • Emily is the queen of silly faces
She loves to take silly pictures! :)

  • Em knows how to manage a large family and hopes to have her own someday
  • She is a confident, out-going, fun-loving person who isn't afraid to speak her mind
  • Emily is comfortable with who she is and people are drawn to being with her because of her fun and light personality
  • She is a very responsible person who loves to work with kids
  • We love her bunches! :)

An Emily story:
When Emily was three years old, she was learning how to write her alphabet. One day, she came to me with a paper she had written all her letters on. She handed it to me and said, "How's that, Mommy?" I looked over the paper and said, "That's great Emily, but these are backwards and these other ones aren't quite right." She looked at me, shrugged, and said, "Close enough!" Then she turned and skipped off. Yep! That's my Em! :)


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