Friday, September 14, 2012

10 Months

Anna is 10 months old today! 
Where has the time gone? We decided to take a stroll outside to celebrate the day.
 She's becoming quite the character! "Look, Mom! I got this leaf!"
She's weighing in at 18 lb. 11 oz. Tiny for our house!
If they could only stay small...
 "Wagon rides are sooooo fun!"
"Did you see that kitty? Right over there..."
"Oh! Chickens!"
As I called, "Here chick-chick" she tried calling them too! "Ch-sh-sh...." So cute!
She was quickly rewarded as they came running.
And then she quickly got bored.
"What's that??"
What a true delight and blessing this little girl is!


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