Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Focus

Another Friday = meeting another mini Mack! :)
This week, Sarah is in the spotlight.
  • Sarah is the 6th mini Mack
  • She is the third daughter
Here's Sarah as a bitty baby:
Look at that hair!! :)
  • Sarah was born 3 days early
  • She weighed 7 lbs 7 oz
  • She had a head full of very dark curls (which the nurses at the hospital teased into a baby Afro. hehe!)
  • Sarah was the EASIEST baby
  • She was always happy!
  • Sarah slept through the night at a very early age (so nice!)
  • She was so content that she never bothered to crawl
Here's Sarah on her 2nd birthday:
Rocking horse made by Daddy
  • She loved playing outside
  • Sarah has been home schooled since preschool
  • Now she's almost done with the fourth grade
  • Sarah LOVES taking care of her younger siblings
  • She's a great big sister!
Sarah and baby Molly
  • Sarah started taking ballet when she was three
and still LOVES it! :)
She does ballet beautifully!!!
  • Sarah is quick to smile
  • She has a quiet, easy-going, mellow personality
  • She gets along great with everybody
  • Sarah loves Disneyland
and has met most of the characters!

  • Sarah has a beautiful spirit
  • She deserves everything wonderful!

A Sarah story:
Sarah has always loved being in the water! When she was 2 years old, her 5 brothers and sisters were playing in a pool in our backyard. When left unattended for a split second, she decided to join them! She quickly sank to the bottom and had to be rescued by her daddy. She came up coughing and sputtering, but not a tear was shed. As soon as she caught her breath, she said, "Me fishie!!" :)

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