Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brother and Sister Outfits

I love making my kids clothes for hardly any money!  And it's even better when they can match!
I found a super cute striped rugby shirt at the thrift store and knew it had a future for a couple of my littles! First, I used the sleeves to make Leah some striped leggings. Then, I threw together a simple two layered skirt to go over them from a scrap of navy fabric. Next, I made Josiah a raglan shirt. I cut the sleeves from the striped shirt and the body from a navy shirt I had laying around. Finally, I cut the number off the striped rugby shirt and appliqued it to the front of the new raglan!
And there you have it! Brother and sister outfits!


  1. Your talent for sewing is fabulous & your children are adorable ...


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