Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Focus

It's Friday! Time to focus on another amazing member of the Mack family! :)

Introducing Seth!
  • Seth is the fifth mini Mack
  • He is the third son
Here's Seth as a baby:
Little cutie!
  • He was born with a full head of very blond hair
  • He was born 9 days late
  • He weighed 7 lbs 15 oz
 Seth loved taking baths:
  • Seth loved his little sister, Sarah, a lot when she was a baby
They still get along great!
  • Seth started walking before he was 9 months old
  • He loved doing anything active, whether he was little:
or big:

  • He was home schooled from preschool through the fifth grade
  • He's now in the 6th grade
  • Seth loves going to Disneyland:
  • Seth plays soccer
  • Seth plays basketball (sorry for the old pic!)
  • and Seth plays baseball
  • He is a very compassionate person
  • Seth has a great sense of humor
  • Seth has a pet bunny, named Skittles
  • He is currently rehearsing to be one of the lollipop guild munchkins and a flying monkey in The Wizard of Oz
  • He is a hard working, self-motivated person who won't accept any less than his best
  • He's a fun, amazing guy to be around, well-liked by all
  • Seth is a true blessing to our family
A Seth story:
Seth was 18 months old when it was Christmas time. One day, when I was cleaning the kitchen, Seth came running in yelling, "Smash! Hahahaha! Smash!" I said, "What?", as he went running out of the room. I followed him, calling, "Wait, what??" As I entered the living room, I found him with a glass ornament in each hand! Before I could stop him, he yelled, "Smash!", and crashed them together! It was obviously not the first time he had done it, as there was glass pieces everywhere! Amazingly, he was fine, but the tree didn't look quite the same that year! :)

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