Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Focus

This Friday I would like you to meet my son, Ethan!
  • Ethan is the 7th mini Mack
  • He is the 4th son
Here's newborn Ethan:
Very jaundiced, but still adorable! :)
  • Ethan was 3 days early
  • He weighed 8 lbs 8 oz
  • He was a slug baby, slow and mellow!
  • He always was up for dressing up, including headgear
and now:
  • This boy has always liked to eat (except pasta!)
Yum! :)
  • He loves his siblings!
Here he's holding his sister, Leah, when she was a baby:
  • Ethan loves to play Nerf guns
  • He also loves to sword fight his brothers
  • His favorite, however, is video games!!!!!
Gotta love the tongue of concentration! :)
  • Ethan is a big fan of Disneyland and has gone on all the big rides!
  • He loves super heroes or anything boyish!
  • Ethan has been home schooled since pre-school
  • Now he's almost done with first grade
  • School is VERY easy for him
  • He is VERY social
  • He will talk to ANYBODY! At all. Really! ANYBODY! :)
  • Ethan plays baseball

  • Ethan is loved by EVERYBODY (I think it's those cheeks! Who can resist?) :)
  • He is a happy-go-lucky guy, quick to smile or laugh
  • He's kind to everyone!

Ethan loves his sleep! He always has! As a baby, he used to nod off on the floor mid-babble. (It was kind of creepy!) At one of his earlier Disney trips, when he was about 4, we asked him if he wanted to go on another ride. He said no, that he was tired and he wanted a nap. He promptly climbed into the stroller, fluffed up the headrest and went right to sleep! Instead of another ride??? :)

What a guy! :)

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