Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Focus

After entering a contest last week, I'm returning to my mini Mack Friday Focus this week! Today I wanted to focus on another of the littles.

Meet Leah!

  • Leah is the tenth mini Mack
  • She is our sixth daughter
Here's her newborn pic:

Sweet baby girl!
  • Leah was born at a birth center, 8 days late! (UGH!)
  • She weighed 9 lbs 3 oz (!!)
My favorite baby face of Leah's:
Poochie lip! hehe!
Don't worry, she didn't make it that often! She usually looked more like this:
  • Leah was a happy, mellow baby
  • So mellow, in fact, that we took her to Disneyland at 2 1/2 months:
(Doesn't she look thrilled?) :)
and then we returned when she was 1:

and again at 2:
  • Leah had surgery just before her first birthday for a clogged tear duct
  • She LOVES to have her hair fixed and to wear hats:
of ANY kind! :)
  • Leah loves her crib (I have to peek in on her to see if she's awake because she will just lay there until she is gotten!)
  • She is totally easy-going
  • She has a gentle, happy spirit (except when she gets sick! Then she's a total bear!)
  • Her favorite lunch is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • She is loved by all who know her!! :)

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