Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Boy Project

I bought the BBB Pants pattern found HERE. It's a pattern designed for cloth diapered babies (of which I have two!). I decided to try the first pair for Josiah, made out of a madras plaid:
Super cute!
I made the 12-18 month size and added a navy edging:
They ended up being a little long! That's ok! He'll grow! :)
The pattern has an extra panel in the back. That's what gives the cloth diapered hiney some room!
Love that Blueberry diaper cover!
To go with his new pants, I made Josiah a raglan shirt, baseball sleeves style. And since I'm a big Yankees fan, (did you know that about me?):
I decided to show some Yankee love! :)
Here he is being ornery, getting into brother's school supplies:
It's a great pattern! I think I will have to make some more! :)

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