Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Focus

This week's Friday Focus is going to be on Noah!

Here he is at one of our favorite places, Disneyland!:  
  • Noah is the fourth mini Mack
  • He is the second son
Here he is as a baby, held by big sister Emily (who liked to poke his eyes when you weren't looking!):

  • Noah was born three days early
  • He weighed 7 lbs 8 oz
Noah at 5 years (like the tie?) :

  • Noah was our first child to home school, from first through fifth grade
  • He is now in the eighth grade
  • His favorite class at school is woodshop
  • Noah's favorite color is green
  • At the age of one, Noah's favorite pastime was looking through cookbooks saying, "Mmmm... mmmmm.... mmmm..." as he looked at the pictures :)
  • He still enjoys everything about food, from the making to the eating!
  • He loves to go fishing
Noah now:

A Noah story:
When Noah was about five years old, he started to share a room with his older brother, Josh. One night, after Josh had fallen asleep, Noah decided to get up, turn on the light and investigate Josh's candy making kit. He decided the cherry flavoring looked interesting, so he managed to get it open. He then proceeded to spill all of it on the carpet! Now panicking at the bright red mess he had made, he knew he had to try to clean it up. All he had were a couple of tissues, but he did the best he could. Then he turned the light back off and went back to bed. Imagine our shock at finding a big red stain on the carpet with little wads of red tissue pieces everywhere and a brother who slept through it all!!

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