Thursday, March 17, 2011


One of the few traditions that we do for St. Patrick's Day started many years ago when my older kids were little. So it was nice to see that my oldest daughter made sure to prepare this tradition for the little kids. It looks like this:
Some green milk! When I started doing this for my older kids, they were convinced that it tasted different too! :) Too cute! But this morning when I offered the special green milk to Molly, this is what I got:
She wasn't too keen on the idea of her milk being colored! Next I tried making the yogurt more fun:
Abby decided she would try it, but was still a little skeptical!
Leah didn't mind!
In fact, she said, "Yay!" (she's totally easy-going!)
Next, I tried telling Molly that it was special because it's St. Patrick's Day today.
Molly said, "Oooooo! Are we going to her house?"
Me- "Um,"
Molly, not listening to my answer, "Does she have cookies for us at her house??"
Hmmmm, ok. Going to have to educate the girl....
But she did finally decide to try the milk:
(and in case you're wondering, no, she doesn't eat that much for breakfast! She's puny! But she always tells me she will and then dumps everything that gets soggy. It's annoying... she can't be the only child that does this??)
So, after breakfast, we went digging for green hair pretties,
printed out some info all about St. Patrick,
and broke out the green outfits!
Then it was time for some fun,
and finally to read our lesson!
We learned that St. Patrick was a man and that he died a long time ago! (Sorry Molly, no visiting and no cookies!)
Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Macks! :)

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