Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend Recap

The eggs were dyed,

the baskets were filled,

and the Easter story was told as the Resurrection Rolls were baked.

After the rolls came out and were opened, we asked Molly where Jesus (the marshmallow) had gone.
Molly said, "He's in the oven!"
Abby, while eating her roll, said, "These tombs taste WAY better than those marshmallows!" :)

A prayer of thankfulness was said to our Savior, a yummy meal was eaten, eggs were hidden,

and found.

Again and again and again.

(Except those last few eggs that none of us can find. I'm sure they'll turn up eventually!) :)

All in all, a wonderful weekend at the Mack house! Hope everyone had a great Easter!

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