Monday, April 4, 2011

The Mummy Project

I only have one sister (whom I love dearly). Yep, just the two of us! No brothers!

Now you're probably wondering if my husband, Scott, came from a big family? Nope! He has just one sister also. So how did we end up as a mega-family? Well,.... that's a post for another day! :)

Anyway, as I was saying writing, I don't have any brothers. So before Scott and I had any kids, I told him that I would be perfectly happy with a house of daughters! I didn't think I was at ALL prepared to raise sons!

Our first child? A son! I was more than a little nervous to enter this foreign land of male. Fast forward almost 18 years later, I not only have one son, I have FIVE!!

But I shouldn't have worried! God knew exactly what He was doing (of course!)! I love baseball, I can hold my own in a Nerf battle or a round of Super Smash Bros. Melee, and an active game of balloon volleyball? I'm there! :)

So, when my son, Seth, told me that his Bible project was on mummies, it was time to come up with a boy-pleasing presentation! (I hope this isn't too graphic for anybody! Those with sons or mummy projects will hopefully appreciate it!)

First, we made our guy to be mummified:

Love the unhappy face drawn by Seth! :)
What did they do to prepare a guy? Well, they removed the brain out their nose (disgusting, but true):

We made sure our guy had a nose opening for presenting.
Ewww? Totally!
Here he is with his "brain", made from strips of fabric, randomly stitched together:

I'd look unhappy too! :)
Next, they would remove the organs:

I sewed up the "organs" that Seth designed and connected them for easy removal.
Then, came the intestines:
Disgusting? Totally! You feeling the boy-ness? :)
And here's the total project:
Guy, innards, bag of straw to stuff him with (ok, hay, but that's all we had with a pet bunny!), and strips of cloth to wrap him in!

Seth can't wait to present his project!

And for me? Any further desire for a house of just girls? Not for a second! :)

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