Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For My Octo-girl, Again

OK, I have to be honest. Our family doesn't really "do" Halloween. We usually just watch a movie and devour a huge bowl of candy. But after I saw the perfect costume for Abby to wear to the AWANA Harvest Party tonight, I just had to make it for her!
 The DIY octopus costume idea isn't a new one. It can be found all over the internet (my fave here.) Abby wanted a purple octopus, so I picked up 4 pairs of knee socks when they were on sale at Target.
I did round each sock to look more like a tentacle and less like, well, a sock. I made a skirt out of the socks by sewing them together about 6" down.
The hat was made from the bottom of a toddler's size t-shirt. A simple beanie design with appliqued eyeballs.
My octo-girl is super excited to sport her costume tonight!


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