Friday, October 12, 2012

This Week

This week brought an end to soccer season. I'm sad to see it go. Seth's team only lost one game this year. He's such a hard and determined worker, it's a delight to watch his athleticism on the field. We were truly blessed by wonderful weather to watch every game, but the very next day after soccer was done?
 The rain came to water our thirsty yard. We are happy that our volunteer pumpkin plant produced so many pumpkins! Almost one for every kid, although some will have to be happy with green ones. 

This week also brought orthodontic appointments (Seth got top braces and Abby got her arch wire adjusted), drama practices (Megan was cast as Meg in Little Women), AWANA, and a birthday party for Sarah to attend.

Do we sound busy? 
Yes, and totally blessed.

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