Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shorts For Two

My son, Seth, prefers wearing shorts to bed. So that means when I find cheap men's sleep pants, I buy them and cut off the legs and hem them up. That leaves me with these:
Pant legs! (Which I should have ironed before I took the picture, not after!)
Since plaid shorts are so popular for boys right now, I figured I would use the pant legs to make Josiah a pair!
I cut open the inner seam and decided how long I wanted the shorts. Using my favorite pants pattern, the BBB Pants Pattern from Made By Rae, I folded up the extra length and lined up the folded edge with the finished hem of the pant leg. I centered the pattern over the existing outer side seam.
Then I just sewed them up per the pattern instructions, except for hemming them because that was already done for me!

So cute!
Love that diaper cover peeking out as Josiah "helps" with the dishes!
The gusset in the back means a perfect fit for a cloth diapered bum!
He just *might* have been totally captivated by the Wiggles so I could take pictures! :)

Two pairs of shorts for the price of one?
That makes three of us happy!!


  1. Great use of the left over pants' legs!

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