Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Quick Fix

This past weekend Leah moved into her sisters' room. A big exciting move for her! She now shares a room with Sarah, Abby and Molly (a huge room!). That meant it was time to move Josiah out of our room into Leah's old room! Yep, the little guy has a room all to himself, and has been sleeping great! :)

So, when we moved him in, I threw up the valances which came with his crib bedding set. They looked like this:
Cute, but not working with his window. (That's a giant leaf on the left. His room is jungle themed!) We didn't have the right rod for the tab topped valance and the valance was too long for the window. So, I cut off the tabs and made a new casing at the top:
Problem solved for free! And isn't that the best price?

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