Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Peek Into The Amish Life

My daughter, Megan, had the incredible opportunity to spend a week living with the Amish, as I mentioned first here. She returned home less than a week ago, her life forever changed from her experience! Here is a glimpse of what she did and saw:
She got to see some of the countryside,
and do some shopping. (I want some of that watermelon!)
She fell in love with this giant Whoopie Pie! Yum!
She toured a pretzel factory.
She rode in an Amish buggy,
and on an Amish scooter! (Which she LOVED!)
The family she stayed with had a dairy, so she got to know their cows,
and help feed the calves.
She was lovingly accepted by the whole family and the little Amish girls made her a bracelet.
She even got to dress Amish!

Megan had a wonderful time getting to know her Amish "family". She loved their devotion to God through their life and their innocent (and sometimes ornery) fun! I'm so thankful for the love she received and the relationships she formed. It was worth every penny!

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