Monday, April 14, 2014

There's This Cool Guy I Know...

his name is Josh and he's a junior in college. He can be kind of silly sometimes...
He's working on a double major while working 2 jobs, and somehow still finds time for his girlfriend and his family.
He loves his family...
 and they love him. A lot.
21 years ago yesterday, he made me a mom for the very first time. Sometimes I forget that he's my son and not just some cool guy I know..., because he's amazing and I feel privileged to have him in my life.

Happy 21st Birthday Josh!


  1. thanks for your comment, it had been so long since I had one on my blog I never think to look. I had fun looking through yours too. My dad is one of 13 kids and now that I'm a mom I wish my Grandma were around to ask her more about what that was like for her. Ash has been having so much fun with your girls! I feel lucky to have Emily taking care of the girls so I can get out a little bit.

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