Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Paris Party for Sarah

For Sarah's 13th birthday, Emily and I decided we wanted to throw her a birthday party. But not just any birthday party, a Paris party! We rarely give our kids birthday parties, but with Sarah's sweet, undemanding personality, we felt she deserved a special party for her jump into the teenage years!
We rented a room at our local Civic Center for the afternoon.
 This provided us a perfect spot to set the stage for her party! We decorated with pink, white and black everything.
 We had tables set up for seating and food.
 We bought Paris place settings and had centerpieces of black tulle and Eiffel Towers, cut from my Silhouette SD.
 Emily made these amazing tissue paper balls for wall decorations.
 Using the Silhouette again, I was able to make Sarah a banner out of pink and black paper. So much easier than cutting things out by hand!
Croissants, fruit cups, cookies,
assorted candies and mints were on the menu. We also served color coordinated pop and water bottles with printed poodle labels.
 I made a simple cake stand from cans, foam board and wrapping paper to serve her Eiffel Tower cupcakes on. They were pink lemonade flavor and each topped with an Eiffel Tower piped from black candy melts.
 We set up other tables for the girls to sit at while playing "pass the present" and bingo.
On the other table we set up bingo supplies, prizes, goodie bags and picture props. 
 My husband printed out a huge Eiffel Tower for us that we hung on the wall as a picture backdrop, colored with pink chalk and decorated with smaller tissue balls.
 All the girls made good use of this and spent a loooong time coming up with silly photos, as Emily and Sarah were happy to demonstrate. We gave each girl a copy of the photos when Sarah handed out thank you notes.
After all the activities were done, it was time to open presents and say good-bye to friends.
I hope Sarah had an amazing 13th birthday filled with many happy memories!

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  1. nice job making her feel special! I worry about giving each of the girls good attention and I've only got 4! When I first got to know Emily I remember asking her if she ever felt like she needed more attention from you or your husband - and she told me no, because she saw that you knew how to talk and interact with each of them individually, and recognized that you spoke with her differently than you spoke with Megan... and for her that was enough. So, I think of that and work on it with my girls (and I remember thinking that was a pretty mature response!). Ash loved playing at your house, she thought Josh was the dad =)


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