Thursday, May 3, 2012

Moving Out Of Survival Mode

I'm sorry for my absence! My kids have been suuuuuper sick. Like possible whooping cough sick. We'll never know if that's what they have for sure because the doctors didn't want to test! But whether they have whooping cough or a virus that has the same symptoms, we have been living in survival mode for weeks now.  
Survival mode means:
1. The house has been a wreck.
2. We have been confined to the house.
3. Meals have consisted of:
A. Foods that are quick to make,
B. Foods that sound good to the sickies, and
C. Foods that are easy to clean-up after a severe coughing fit bring them back up.
Our kids have never been this sick! It's been miserable, (I'll spare you any pictures) but I think we are finally starting the long climb back to healthy. Praise God!

So Anna and I finally left the house yesterday to go to Seth's baseball game!
 He was awesome!! And it was so nice to be able to be there to watch him play again!

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