Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guys and Dolls

My kids are so talented! Their school's spring musical was Guys and Dolls this year.
 Emily was the tour guide in the opening scene.
 Seth was Benny Southstreet.
 As a seventh grader, he has never sung a solo before (in public, that is! At home he's been singing since he was born!)
He was incredible! A total natural!
 Megan was cast as Miss Adelaide.
 Everyone who doesn't know her wanted to know if she really has a New York accent. Nope! She's just that good!
 She was
 Emily also got to be an audience member, and later, a Havana dancer. That girl can move! :)
 Seth singing another solo! Wow!
 Megan getting ready to smack him with the newspaper.
Emily's main role: General Cartwright. She was great!
 The show was a complete success! My kids are all totally blessed to feel comfortable onstage and are amazing actors. They LOVE doing this and I LOVE watching them!!

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