Monday, August 1, 2011

To My Husband,

Thank you for taking us all on an outing yesterday for your birthday. The cheese factory was so fun to tour! Thank you for buying us the 38 scoop special (one scoop of each flavor). It was delicious, except for the white licorice...., it was just weird.Thank you for being so understanding and allowing me to retreat to the table when they all lined up to sing. I'm so glad you are ok with me not wanting anything to do with such public spectacles.

Thank you for spending all the extra time driving down the beach to find an uncrowded place for us to play. I know that you couldn't wait to put your new barbecue together, but that you put all that effort into our beach time first.

It was a beautiful day,
and we all enjoyed it.
I hope you know how much you mean to us,
how much we love you,
and how much I thank God for you.
Happy Birthday, my love!

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