Friday, May 30, 2014


With spring fading into summer, baseball comes to an end. 

I love baseball...
 I'm so thankful that we have some baseball players in our family.
  Ethan played on a AAA team this year.
(I'm thinking this is his face of concentration)
He did great! His batting has really improved this year and his knowledge of the game at ten is amazing!
 (there's that face again!!)
It's obvious this boy loves playing this game and he's hoping to continue as an all-star!
 And he should have a good shot! He's a really good catcher!
 As a freshman this was Seth's first year on Varsity. We love watching him play!
 He batted .395!
 And he scored 15 runs!
 He was the team's utility player and played in any of 6 positions! His favorite though? Still first base where he should be the starter next year. 

Both boys had a lot of fun playing this year and both did great. I'm glad they both share a love for this sport. Determination and hard work are important traits to develop in young men. I guess it doesn't really matter to me what they play or work hard to do, I will always applaud their efforts. Because the one thing I want them to always remember is that I was their biggest fan!


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