Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Blessing Of Hair

4 of my babies were born with heads of full hair. One, a boy, was a blondie which required a buzz cut at 4 months of age. My other three hairy babies were all girls and blessed with dark curls. Beautiful, right?

Unfortunately though, a side effect of thick, long hair is cradle cap.

 Into the tub, Annie! 

With my previous babies, I tried some different cradle cap remedies. The worst? Olive oil! Sure, it takes care of the cradle cap, but it took weeks to get it back out of her curls.
 So this time, my favorite remedy is baking soda. You mix up a thick paste and scrub their little head with it. Let it dry for awhile, comb their little heads, and then wash it out!
 Anna doesn't mind this too much as long as she has a washcloth to chew on!
 And after? A nice, clean baby to snuggle in her hooded towel. 
 So now my baby girly is mostly cradle cap free (it takes a few times!), 
 and ready to be on the move again!


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