Monday, June 18, 2012

7 Months (a little late!)

Anna is 7 months old! 
Actually, she was back on the 14th, but both of us were horribly sick with a stomach bug that day, so we waited to take the pics until now. We are both feeling much better!
 Oh this girl! She is one ball of energy, from the tips of her tiny toes all the way to her red curls! She never stops moving!! Which explains why she only weighs 16 lbs.
 Her eye color? Still a mystery! Maybe going to be green, but probably hazel. She's definitely got a lifetime of sunscreen ahead of her though! :)
 She's a big talker too. She loves to babble in her little girly voice.

And clapping?
 She's a pro by now!
Yay, Annie!!

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