Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leggings For Anna

I love a baby girl in a dress, and after having 7 daughters, I have a lot to choose from!
But I hate messing with baby tights! And while Babylegs are adorable, I don't like trying to keep them up either!
 So, to solve this problem, I made Anna some leggings!
I used this pattern and then made some changes. Not only did I cut them longer, but also wider by placing the pattern about an inch from the fold. Then I folded up the foot portion of the pattern to make leggings instead of tights.
 I decided to ruffle the bottom edge by pulling the fabric super tight while running a close zig-zag stitch at the edge of the fabric. I stitched around each twice. This leaves a nice girly look!
I also added a gusset to help make enough room for my daughter's cloth diapered heinie!
They fit great,
 and keep her covered and warm!
 That makes us both happy!

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