Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Small Project, Finished!

Quite awhile ago, I bought these:
You know, those pre-cut letters you find at any of the craft stores?
And then I also picked out these:
Some coordinating papers that match the theme of Josiah's room.

Well, that part was easy.

Thankfully, I stored these project pieces in the new baby's bassinet. So when it came time to get everything ready, I had some forced motivation! :)

I traced a letter onto the back of each paper,
and carefully cut each one out. Then it was just a matter of using some decoupage medium to attach each paper to its matching letter. Two more coats painted on top of each attached paper and strung onto some twine,

and hung on the wall above his crib!
Was he impressed with his decoupaged letters?

He pointed at them and said, "Wow!"

Worth every minute!

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