Monday, September 12, 2011

A Blankie For Baby

I fell in love with one of those pre-sewn panels at Jo-Ann's. (I love a good toile!)

So against my better judgement, I bought it!

I carefully zig-zagged the edges so as not to lose any precious inches when I washed it.

After I washed it? Well, it didn't look as good. The craftsmanship used to sew this panel was lacking some finesse! Oh well, I guess I should have expected that! All the ironing in the world wasn't going to fix the imperfections. (Believe me, I tried!)

So, I sewed the panel down to some muslin on the long seams (stitched in the ditch) down the front to give it some strength. 

Now that it's done, I think it will do!
Finished blankie!
I rounded the corners, just like I did with Josiah's blankie, learned here.

And the back is all soft, swirly minkee fabric!

Hopefully, baby will approve!

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