Saturday, February 26, 2011

We call it

Mt. Laundry!

This is the view from elevation 0 ft. :)

The first thing you are probably wondering is how long it took for us to gather this much laundry. 6 days? 7 days? Nope! Only 2 days! And this is a smaller amount for 2 days! I'm convinced that Mt. Laundry is actually a volcano. You see, it eventually blows its top and then starts to ooze and spread across the floor.
It might have something to do with children who like to jump into it as if it were an autumn pile of leaves. Or by my son who enjoys using it as his personal gargantuan beanbag chair. Or it may be caused by the little ones who choose it as a perfect hide and seek spot.

I mean, what are the chances of being found in there? 

So what are the ups and downs of this huge pile?
First, a good thing: I actually enjoy sorting, washing and drying the laundry! It doesn't bother me at all! Which is a good thing considering I do it every. single. day.
Second, a bad thing: (except for those who are playing hide-and-seek! ) I strongly dislike folding and putting away the laundry!
Third, the best thing: What this laundry pile stands for! All this laundry means that I am surrounded by lots of people I love and get to care for, which is what God put me here to do! And it also means that I am surrounded by people who love me! Who can argue with that? :) 

Somebody grab the record books! A mini Mack has scaled the summit! I think he looks a bit scared. I can't blame him! It's a long way down! :) 

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